How to Become as Prosperous as You’d Like to Be

If at the moment you are not as rich as you’d like to be, it’s mainly due to your thoughts. Your negative thoughts to be specific, as well as your words and attitude which are holding you back from becoming as prosperous as you’d like to be.

Below are 6 ways that can help you become as wealthy as you have always wanted.

1. Believe That You Are Rich

  • This is based on the premise that if you think rich, you’ll be rich
  • Remember prosperity is not just money, it’s also love from your friends and family and having enough money ion the bank to do the things you love as well as your good health
  • Appreciate the things you already have. Repeat this: “I send thoughts of gratitude for…”

2. Try These Affirmations to Heighten Your Income

  • “I am valued by what I do and the contributions I make. I love putting my skills to work, and being paid abundantly for them!”
  • “Money comes effortlessly to me, and for me.”
  • “Money is everywhere, and I am grateful for it in my life.”

3. Fix Your Negative Relationship with Money

  • Almost everyone has some form of attitude when it comes to money. Some negative and some positive.
  • Take notice of the thoughts that pop in your head when you think or deal with money. Are they negative? If yes, aim to change the negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, “I love the sense of freedom that money provides me,” or “With multiple sources of income, I have the ability to live as I chose.”

4. Picture the Sensation of Freedom That Money Gives You

  • Focus on the good sensations that money brings—freedom, love, peace, and the feelings that you experience on a luxury cruise, such as relaxation and a sense of being wealthy.

5. Give Some Money Away (and It Will Come Back!)

  • Nothing tells the Universe “I am beyond prosperous ” like giving money away—this sends a message that you are able to enjoy everything you have, and help others in need.
  • When you give money away, you’ll act like a professional “attractor,” bringing more money into your life to replace the money you gave someone in need. Try it, give something away and watch yourself become a magnet for more money!

6. Appreciate the Money You Have

  • The more you appreciate what you have, the more the Universe will give back.
  • Make a gratitude list every night before going to bed, and feel happier in the morning.
  • As you do, prosperity will come in many different and unexpected ways

In closing, remember, like anything else in the world that’s worth having, it takes practice to get there.

Money is no exception, and when you can master a positive relationship with money, you can begin to watch your wealth grow.