7 Tips to Win Back that Special Person in Your Life

So your partner just called and said they are breaking up with you. You feel crushed, lost, not knowing what to do. You don’t like the idea of going your separate ways. Not to worry. We have something that will help. Most likely, you’re not thinking straight right now but don’t worry. These 7 handy tips will show you just how to make your ex want you back.

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Unfortunately, relationships can end suddenly, often without warning, typically leaving us with a sense of shock and disbelief of what has just happened. These tips on how to make your ex want you back will help you to make sense of things. Often confusion sets in with thoughts haunting us, wondering “if we had only done this or that differently, maybe we would still be a couple?” The fact is, there are a wide variety of reasons people leave a relationship, and although it is not necessarily anything we did wrong, most of us tend to blame ourselves for the breakup. If you know in your heart that you still love them, and want to make them yours again, then we are here to show you 7 tips on how to make your ex want you back.

Hold your head up and realize, while you have lost your ex, it is still early in the breakup, and if you try, you have a good chance of winning them back. After the initial shock of breaking up has passed, it’s time to place your focus on what you can do, not only to win them back, but make things better the second time around.

Tip# 1

Hold on to Hope

Remain strong, never letting him or her, or anyone close to them, see your weakness. This may be one of the most difficult actions during your quest, however it will help in the long run by causing them to respect you, rather than pity you. Always be yourself, whether they around or not. Do not be a doormat. Displaying yourself as a person not crushed by the break up will create a status that you are an individual who deserves respect. Limit your contact with them, without going out of your way to ignore them. This will many times give both of you time to relax and sort things out inside yourselves. They may even begin to miss you at this point. With a little time this can also spark a feeling of starting over for the both of you.

Tip# 2

Control Your Feelings

Not coming off as “bossy” or “arrogant” at this point, is important. Perhaps you go to the same college or share the same place of employment, when you do see them, be cordial without appearing needy. No matter how much you may want to, do not snap at them or make insults. Also equally important, do not show your sadness yet either. At this time, just treat them as if they are just one of the group, paying no special attention or preference to them.

Tip# 3

Get Out and About

Now is a good time to start going out with close friends you can always count on, giving you the opportunity to let out some of the feelings and especially the pain with a close relative, best friend or whoever that trusted person is in your life. Pouring out to that person will help you to clear your doubts and ready yourself to win them back.

Tip# 4

Analyze Yourself

Now that a few weeks or even a month or more has passed, and you have somewhat cleared your mind, it’s a good time to take a close look at yourself. Try to see what may have caused them to leave in the first place, chances are you have some idea of why they left. It may have been more than one area that you had problems. You will never be able to sit down effectively and try to work things out if you do not first search your own heart about why you love them, and what you may have done or contributed to, causing them to leave.

Tip# 5

Talk to Him or Her

At this point you have both had time to yourselves for a while. If you do still love them, it’s ok now to invite them to sit down and talk about things without making them feel forced into the situation. Most people will give it a try, with gentleness and a humble heart, tell them how you feel. Even if they do not want to get back together, your words will stay with them for the rest of their life. If they are willing, this is a good time to try and discover what went wrong to cause the breakup. Many people will begin to talk and even open up a little at this point. Take turns expressing your feelings. You may be surprised to find out that they had issues bothering them from before you even knew each other and they are just confused at this point in their life.

Tip# 6

Let Your Love Flow Naturally

If they are willing to talk, then they most likely have an interest in saving the relationship. Now is a good time to simply show them love and understanding, without pressuring them. Continuing to get together more and more, gradually, will begin to build the level of trust once again.

Tip# 7

Forget the Past and Enjoy Each Other

Letting go of hurtful things you did or said to each other, before or during the breakup, will go far to allow the two of you to enjoy your new stage in the journey together. At this point you will both likely notice a feeling of renewal, like you are starting over in your relationship. Don’t try to make your relationship the exact same as it was before. Let go of some of those insistent habits. You may find that your together time, is now, stress free and better than ever. Not to worry, even if they don’t say it, they feels the newness, hope and excitement also.

These tips will take time, patience and dedication to succeed. The two of you may find your relationship is even better, now that you have gotten past a few bumps in the road. Its likely your partner now knows how much they means to you, which can go far in bringing them, not only closer to you, but to feel a sense of commitment. One important thing is to always show respect and love for each other, now realizing that the two of you can work things out in your relationship, it’s time to focus on just enjoying being together.